Working board

Ayesha Khan, MD, MPH | Cofounder

An emergency physician and a faculty member at Stanford University, Ayesha Khan has worked in international health education and development in Cambodia, Haiti, India, Lesotho, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe.

Brad Penoff, PhD | Cofounder

Brad Penoff holds a doctorate in computer science and works as a software engineer at Google.

Kevin Masek, MD

Kevin Masek is an emergency medicine physician practicing in the Bay Area. His involvement with Empower & Advance began in 2012 during his residency training at the Stanford/Kaiser emergency medicine residency program. He has provided healthcare in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Haiti, Nicaragua, and South Africa.

Lusana Schutz, DO

An emergency physician, Lusana Schutz works as a part-time faculty member at Stanford University, as well as in rural Washington State. She has worked in emergency medicine development and education in Cambodia, Haiti, India, Nepal, and Uganda.

Christopher Sean Watson

Christopher Watson has 15 years of experience as a community organizer and nonprofit manager working to end violence against women and girls. He lives in the Bay Area.

Romana Rajput

A project manager in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, Romana Rajput has experience coordinating multi-million dollar projects aiming to improve logistical and business process efficiency.


Haiti team

Doudy Charles

Doudy Charles is the program’s point person in Fort Liberte, providing critical services ranging from translation to project management.

Community health workers

Wildiane Felix

Kerlandy Jean-Louis

Jocise Pierre

Jean Tom