Imagine losing a loved one to a simple medical problem
because 911 was too busy to help.

Imagine studying hard all through high school only to
find virtually no prospects for stable employment upon graduation.

These are daily realities in Haiti.

Empower and Advance trains Haitian youth to provide emergency healthcare
services in their communities, creating jobs while improving medical

Our work is:


Haitians need more employment opportunities and better healthcare. By training local youth to serve as community health workers we target both issues, increasing human capital and community well-being.

Grounded in global expertise and local reality

Our Stanford-based team of global public health experts works closely with Haitian medical and community leaders to tailor solutions to the local context.


Cofounded by a Google engineer, we develop contextually appropriate technical tools to give Haitian healthcare workers access to the information they need.

Empower & Advance sees a world in which healthcare is not the domain of the rich, but the right of all.

A world in which foreign aid does not create dependency,
but gives people in developing countries the tools to meet their own needs.